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List of tasks you can perform to earn Binance Coin using our service.

Manual Faucet
Earn coins with a manual faucet every 5 minutes.
Complete challenges for extra coins and energy.
Complete tasks, offers, surveys to earn more.
Auto Faucet
Earn money just by leaving the Auto Faucet running.
Level System
Level up your account for free and earn more coins.
Weekly Contest
Win big coin prizes in weekly contests.


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263+ earned

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Can I create multiple accounts?
No, we do not allow multiple account usage. Our advanced security system automatically bans accounts that are owned by the same person.
Can I use VPN/Proxy?
Unfortunately, you cannot use any proxied connection.
I didn't do anything wrong. Why am I banned?
Account bans are only applied if you did something against our Terms of Service. If you are sure that it is a mistake, please feel free to contact us and explain the situation.
I have completed an offer but not received anything?
Some offerwall tasks are credited to your account after a certain amount of time. You can check your account history offerwalls tabs to see when your payment will be sent to you.
How long does it take to get my money to my wallet?
Withdrawals will be processed and sent within 24 to 72 hours.


Time Username Wallet Address Amount Method
158 Yaser75TMXnzrfwcqKaccUG4TkYQjiHg2rPvfsh2M 0.05035 USD
157 fixik467[email protected] 0.0503 USD
156 hopriks3GZQbWBoGAcMQfPUkzhSQ3zmqksSRtjmuG 0.050305 USD
155 smertch[email protected] 0.0503 USD
154 latif1234[email protected] 0.172366 USD
153 Pitria112[email protected] 0.05005 USD
152 irbahmajani1931925hURV3sodh3sT19qVt5DmtquqBnQbZu 0.5 USD
151 irbahmajani1931925hURV3sodh3sT19qVt5DmtquqBnQbZu 2 USD
150 irbahmajani1931925hURV3sodh3sT19qVt5DmtquqBnQbZu 1 USD
149 go4it1Js8J7Ex5twmriMbDTbFhsqXWoeBC7fWaU 0.05875 USD
148 Ringku901Jna1avGuTjJDzipZ4Kf4jgqC8kYfuNYrv 0.0508 USD
147 Islandar1DkF6iEYtyCDpAcihesbForpjaJ6eWMw2d 0.0812 USD
146 Ruby811HNCk1kXtLZ2JRi9QtcCSEaaCjdiyBXpLt 0.0515 USD
145 jr10170111Hw79ftKjSgiaC8v658SsuZn4AzgN5Je4L 0.08135 USD
144 Yaser75TMXnzrfwcqKaccUG4TkYQjiHg2rPvfsh2M 0.05015 USD
143 taheri861GTncWhzE2xojHPyVPbeFsusWj9ALsV8Yj 0.05162 USD
142 Hendi1981[email protected] 0.0539 USD
141 Anty331CZPngAWkyQk7vRSr1jtcfLAmaFDetPmFa 0.0872 USD
140 serg12r1ENxmyEAShzProsd3xZvsfzaieBmt8F4w8 0.0528 USD
139 rusti1Bu7mTThxBGi2iYPXrfudedDQprKgmdnqW 0.05015 USD
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High paying - Instant payments - Multiple currencies

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